Frequently Asked Questions

"What is Knowabloke?"

In a nutshell, Knowabloke is an invite and recommended business directory site for local businesses. Or anything for that matter!


Yes, unlike other business directories we only show businesses that have had feedback from their customers and you, the general public. No feedback, no visibility other than to leave feedback.

"So every company listed is recommended?"

Every company that we list has been recommended and has at least one review. The more positive reviews, the higher the "star" ranking.

"How would a company get listed?"

If we hear good things about someone or some business then we would approach them and ask if they wished to be on our site. However, a business can also list itself and then ask customers to leave feedback and make their listing visible. We randomly spot-check feedback to ensure it is genuine and accurate.

"How do I leave feedback for a company?"

If you haven't yet registered with us then find the company using the search page, click on the Feedback tab and click the link at the bottom that lets you register and leave feedback all in one go.

"How can I tell my customers to leave me feedback?"

You can find your listing on the site then click on the Direct Link option at the bottom. This link can then be emailed to your customers so that they can quickly leave you feecback.

"I know a great company, how do I get them on here?"

On the top menu there is an option to Recommend A Company. Click on this, fill out the page and click on Send!

"Does this site work on my iPad?"

Yes! You may need to use two fingers to scroll parts of the site left and right or up and down but other than that, it should all work fine. If not, let us know!

"What are the differences between free and paid for listings?"

As we are a community focussed web site, we allow local businesses to list themselves for nothing. However if a company pays a bit of money they can have additional services, such as:

* Company logos
* More tags
* More words in their descriptions
* More contact info
* Links to Google Maps
* Ability to use our B2B service
* Facility to send offers out to our members
* Your very own "bosses" page for that personal touch

"Why would a company want to be listed?"

An ancient proverb states that a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches implying that word of mouth and personal recommendations is a very powerful commodity. Some of your best leads are referred to you by satisfied customers.

“Can’t my competition come and leave false comments?”

All new members are randomly vetted to ensure they are who they say they are so if someone has a genuine grievance then you can speak to them directly to address this if you so wish. You also have the right to reply for any comment left.